EM-154 is a low voltage DC power control unit. The unit is connected in series with the load. Load can be resistive or inductive, for example incandescent lamps, resistors, solenoids. The power is adjusted with Pulse Width Modulation ( PWM ) which gives good efficiency ( low thermal losses ). The unit can be connected to (+) or to (-) side of the load. The lamp test switch is also possible to connect over the unit if needed. Unit includes also base level adjustment, which sets the start level of control. Two or more units can be connected parallel for higher power solution. The output is protected against load short circuit and line voltage spikes.


Technical data


Supply  12...32 Vdc
Idle current typ.  2 mA
Load capacity max.  3A
Adjustment range  0...98%
Base level adjustment  0...30%
Operating frequency typ.  250 Hz
Recommended load  2...80 W
Recom. potentiometer  1k...50k
Efficiency  >90%
Oper. ambient temp.  0...50°C
Weight  70 g
EMC -tested  EN-50082, EN-50081

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