EM-A25 is receiver unit for bluetooth remote controller. Android smart phone with Blue Tooth can work as remote control transmitter. The "Emen BT Remote Controller" remote control App. can be downloaded from Google Play Store. This application is free. Receiver unit can be paired with smart phone and receiver unit can be set to have an user selected PIN-code to ensure safety operation. The device has two operating modes, basic and motor control. In Basic mode output works as latched. In motor control mode the output works in momentary mode and there is also a special direction/speed control option. In smart phone application there can be max. eight buttons. User can give names for every button and useless buttons can be blocked out from display. Same time the application scales the button arrangement automatically to be as compact as possible. Analog outputs can be adjusted with resolution of one percent and there is a number and bar display for indicating the set level.

The digital outputs of the receiver card have a protection diode, so also small relays can be controlled directly. Analog output has an 1kohm output impedance and it can be used to control the speed input of a motor driver card.


Technical data

Operating voltage 5-35V
Idle current typ 30mA
Max. current 150mA
PNP output current 100mA ( total )
Analog output 0-5V ( 8bit ) step 20mV
Digital input level < 1= "off" / >4V ="on"
Response time 10ms
Max. operating range typ. 10m
Operating frequency 2.4GHz ( bluetooth )


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Emen BT Remote Application manual

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