EM-A1 is a small auxliary PCB. It is designed to change control mode from unipolar to symmetric plus/minus control. This card makes it possible to use various Electromen driver
cards with bipolar control.

Card is only to be used with Electromen products which
include the header socket for this EM-A1 option card.

Also a symmetric potentiometer control is possible with EM-A1, as EM-A1 can supply negative voltage ( -5V ) for potentiometer. The negative voltage is usually made available from direction input terminal of the base card (option card EM-A1 plugged). Allthough EM-A1 option card uses +-5V as full control scale, the different base cards can have possibilities for even wider control input ranges like +-10V or even +-30V. The base cards input scale adjustment trimmer (attenuation) can then be used for adjusting the control scale to be suitable for the application.



Technical data

Supply 5-6Vdc
Current consumption max 10mA
Input inpedance 1Mohm
Input voltage -5...0...5V
Dead zone ± 20mV ( stop area )
Neg. supply output -5V ( 5mA max )
operating temp. -40...70°C

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