About us

Electromen Oy Ltd, an electronics engineering company, was founded in Turku in 1988. Company headquarters are still located there. From the very start, our business idea has been to serve industrial customers by offering them customised control and measuring electronics. This idea, along with our flexible co-operation skills, has been the pillars of the success and steady growth of Electromen Oy Ltd.

RakennusOur customers represent a wide variety of automation subcontractors and machinery or equipment manufactures of different kinds and sizes. Some of them use the automation product family to construct new automation systems or to modernise old ones, others need tailor-made electronics to control their machinery. Although our main market area has been Finland, Electromen Oy Ltd is also delivering more and more products to customers elsewhere in Europe and the rest of the world. All in all, our customers represent a good cross-section of Finnish machinery and device manufacturers.

We kick off new projects by consulting with the customer to determine the required specifications. The available development time and estimated production quantity are taken into consideration during the designing stage. Electromen Oy Ltd designs the hardware and carries out programming and laboratory testing. The prototype can be tested in its final environment. Production and deliveries commence only after the customer and designer are fully satisfied with the new product.

Due to our long experience in industrial electronics engineering, Electromen designers have repeatedly come across the same requirements in signal isolation and conditioning, which is why Electromen Oy Ltd has created a growing family of products that are kept available for all our customers and that are ready to be delivered from stock.

The quality of Electromen products is based on the following elements. First is careful design, which is the most important element, especially when a short development time is desired. According to customer feedback, Electromen Oy Ltd has a clear advantage in this sector. Secondly, to assure the reliability of components and assembly, Electromen Oy Ltd uses ISO-certified deliverers and subcontractors. Finally, the functionality of the products is ensured through testing. Each unit will be subjected to a functional test. In small deliveries, the test is carried out manually, while in larger series, the testing is done with the help of a PC.