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Electromen Oy Ltd has designed and manufactured electronics since 1988. The product line mainly consists of such automation electronics as power controllers, controller-type devices, measuring devices and galvanic isolators. Production series typically ranges from 50 to 10,000 pieces/year.

Our services include:
Product specification
Tender calculations
Electronic desing include:
    Hardware & software
    EMC measurements
Prototype research & development
Production planning
Warranty & service


Electromen Oy Ltd has designed and delivered customer-specific electronics for use in projects by the following corporations, amongst others:


Wärtsilä Finland Oy

Diesel motor vibration observation and measuring electronics.


OEM- Automation

DC- and stepper motor controlling electronics.

JOT- Automation

DC-motor controllers for production line automation devices.


Tebul Oy

Ship waterproof door control and alarm.

DCA-Instruments Oy

Laboratory semiconductor device controllers.


Kvaerner Masa-Yards

Industrial electronics in marine environments.

Oy Interco Ab

Ship window wiper motor controllers.


Automation signal averaging and conditioning.


General automation industry

Varastotuotteita signaalimuunnoksiin, galvaaniseen erotukseen ja anturisovituksiin.


Vulkan Gmbh

Deflection Monitor for monitoring the mean twist angle and the vibratory of machine coupling.