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The EM-138-3 is a three channel 30-led bar display. All channels have two selectable measuring ranges 4...20mA and 0...10V. Signal input is overvoltage and overcurrent protected. Three channels are electrically separate devices, and the signals are galvanically isolated from supply. All channels have adjustments for trimming gain and zero. The range selectors and the trimmers are located at the rear panel. Display colour is red-orange. The backround colour is black and the markings are with white.

EM-138-3 Technical data

Supply voltage 18-32Vdc (24Vdc nom.)
Supply current max. 50mA / channel
Input ranges 4...20mA (60ohm)
  0...10V (100kohm)
Adjustments zero ± 10% min.
  gain ± 10% min.
Display 30-leds in bar
Display range defined case by case
Accuracy ±1led
Sampling 3 times/s
Rated isolation 500Vdc (signal/supply)
Housing IP40 / IP65 with NGS 96 GHN
Installation to panel 1-5mm with four
  NGS-NK screw clamps
Inst. panel cut-out 92x92mm
Dimensions 96x96x77mm
Ambien temp. 5...70°C
Weight appr. 250g











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  • 277,00 € /unit