EM-262A 230VAC/3A POWER CONTROLLER e.g for fan motor speed control

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EM-262A is a triac phase angle controller. The unit works fine with both resistive and inductive loads due to advanced triggering technique. Suitable loads include for example lamps, resistors, fan motors and transformers. Base level adjustment can be used to set the start level 0-40%. This function is useful especially in lighting and fan usage. The control stage is galvanically isolated from power stage, which means the unit is easy to connect to a part of an automation system. The power stage is equipped with a fuse.

Fan speed Control

EM-262A is popular on use of AC fan speed control. Triac based power control circuit gives smooth motor speed control for fan. It's possible to control power from 0% to full 100%. Notice when operating low speed the Triac or commonly also named as Thyristor controller may generate some noise.

Dimmable LED Control

The design of EM-262A makes possible also control the dimmable LED light. Continuous triggering method guarantee the functionality of triac power control on EM-262 which is normally difficult to achieve on e.g. inductive loads or dimmable LEDs.

Control with 4-20mA and 0-10V signal on Automation systems

EM-262A can be part of automation system on industrial or other environment where the standard 4-20mA or 0-10V signal is used for controlling the electronics. Galvanic isolated control stage makes it safe to use.


EM-262ATechnical data

Supply 190-265Vac
Current consumption 3A max.
Load 50-700W
Control range 0-99%
Base level adjustment 0-40%
Aux. Voltage 5Vdc
Aux. v. current 10mA max
Control 0-5V / Rin 100k
  0...10V / Rin 100k
  4-20mA / Rin 180R
Control start 100mV / 4.2mA
Fuse T4A
Isolation voltage 1500Vrms
Operating temp -10...50°C
Dimensions 90,60,71mm
Weight approx. n.180g

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