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EM-180A is developed for controlled ON-OFF driving and direction change of a DC-motor with brushes. Driver has advanced current limit features. It limits the motor current in start-up and jam-situations and that way protects the motor and mechanics from over torque. Driver has also an error output to indicate error / over current situations.
EM-180A is developed from EM-180 and it has extra features as impulse control mode and soft or rattle start selection. Rattle mode means that when current limit exceeded in start the driver gives little higher current and rattling, which help releases stuck of actuator of motor. Driver has also serial port which can be used to update a firmware or activates optional features.
The acceleration ramp time for start-up is adjustable to be suited for each application. So the motor voltage is not raised instantaneously but slowly to give a smooth start-up. As the control is set off, the motor is braked with so called dynamic braking, means that the motor poles are connected together. The current protection is double acting. First there is a continuous and adjustable current limit which decreases the motor voltage if the current exceeds the adjusted value. Second there is settable trip feature that cuts the motor voltage if the current limit value is exceeded. After trip the motor starts only to the opposite direction.
Additionally the driver doubles the adjusted current value for 0.3 seconds in start-up to ensure sufficient power to overcome the start-up friction.

EM-180ATechnical Data

Supply 10-35Vdc
Over voltage protection 38V
Under voltage shutdown 8V
Start up voltage 9V
Idle current typ 13mA / ( 1.5mA sleep opt. )
Driving current 10A continuous
                        20A peak 5s
Current limit    0-20A
                        boost 1.5 times in rattle start
Current trip delay n. 200ms
Start delay 5ms
Stop delay 5ms
Direction change time n. 20ms
Voltage loss 0.5V ( Im=10A )
Operating frequency 2kHz
Ramp 0-2.5s
Digital inputs "high" @ Uin 4 -30V or open
                      "low" @ Uin 0-1V
Fault output max 35V 2A ( PNP open collector )
Measures 43x73x35mm
Weight app. 35g

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