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EM-231A is designed for door and hatch controlling. Control unit includes the 230Vac isolated mains power which converts the voltage to the 24Vdc for control electronics and door motor. Motor can be a normal low voltage DC-motor. In the basic operating mode the end stop can be realized with current limit or end switches. More sophisticated behaviour can be achieved with pulse encoder feedback. In this pulse mode the controller can be learned with a push of a button. After the controller has learned the stroke length it executes the open/close cycles smoothly anticipating the end stops with slow down ramps.

In all operating modes the current limit is active and ready to stop the motor if the adjusted value is exceeded. If desired a safety reverse action can be set to follow this current trip. With safety reverse active eg. a person who is in the way of a closing door will cause the motor to reverse and door to open. Unit includes the inputs for end switches, door radar, OPEN/CLOSE buttons and for pulse encoder. Additionally there are inputs also for emergency drive and learning, and a serial connector for an interface unit.

An optional remote control feature can be achieved with a remote control unit and by plugging a receiver hybrid (EM-A6) in to its holder. Speed, ramp times and current limit can be adjusted with trimmers. Operating mode, safety reverse and learning can be enabled and determined with dip switches. To achieve more sophisticated operation and customized settings the serial interface unit EM-236 can be connected to serial connector. With serial interface user can adjust the approaching speed, acceleration zone length, approaching current limit and radar off delay.

EM-231A is housed to a plastic IP30 (IP65) ABS(PC) housing. Unit is CE-marked.



Technical data

Supply voltage 230Vac / max. 100W
Fuse T1A 20x5mm
Output voltage nom. 24Vdc
Output current 1.5A (Uout=24V)
  3A (Uout=18V) 30% duty
Current limit 0-4A
Ramp time 0-2s
Speed range 0-100%
Pulse frequency max. 1000Hz/50/50%
Pulse length min. 0,5ms
Input signals 4-30V=ON / 0-1V=OFF
Input impedances 10kohm
Aux. Outputs Total current 50mA
  24V max.40mA
  5V max. 40mA
Fault output NPN open col. (100mA)
Remote Control 433Mhz typ. range 10m
Housing ABS(PC) 130x130x60 / IP30 (IP65)
Operating temp. 0-50°C
Mains isolation 1000V

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Product not available for online order.