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EM-285 is a PWM-based DC-motor driver. The materials and features meet the industrial standards. Motor voltage is regulated against supply voltage changes, and there is also a load compensation adjustment ( RxI ), which enables steady speed during motor loading. Because of these features EM-285 can offer a good DC-motor speed regulation. In the power line of EM-285 there is an overvoltage limit, which trips the power stage in case the voltage would try to rise too high. This is possible in deceleration situation (emf voltage generation in braking).

If potentiometer is turned on zero-position, the driver will make a shorting on motor wires for 5s. This creates a powerfull braking (dynamic brake) which can be used to stop or lower the motor speed fast. The current limit and potentiometer range can be adjusted with on-board trimmer potentiometer. The device is EMC measured and meets industrial requirements in typical installation. EM-285 is easy to mount to a D10mm hole in the assembly panel. The power stage is not short circuit protected, so it is recommended to use an external fuse in application supply wiring.



Technical data

Supply voltage  10-35Vdc
Overvoltage  shut down 38V
Undervoltage  shut down 10V
Start up voltage 11V
Idle current typ. 20mA
Motor current cont. max 20A ( Ta<50°C )
Motor current peak max 30A ( 10s. )
Power losses 5W ( at 20A and 16kHz )
Power losses 4W ( at 20A and 2kHz )
Current limit adj. 1-30A
PWM frequency 2kHz or 16kHz
Temperature limit 90°C
Motor and supply connectors 2.5mm
EMC EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2
Weight 85g
Operating temp ( Ta ) -20...60°C

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