EM-A18+14T-4-FM Remote Control System

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EM--A18+14T-4-FM is a low range RF remote control system with four outputs. System is using a hopping code like "keyloq". The coding makes possible to use this system also in locking applications because the receiver obeys only the signals from matched transmitter. The receiver can be learned "matched" to work with 16 transmitters. 

Technical data

Supply voltage 5-35 V (Vcc)
Current cont. 0,5 mA
Output voltage typ. Vcc-1 V
Output current max 50 mA
Operating frequency 433 MHz
Antenna 17 cm wire
Output load >1 kOhm
Response time 100 ms
Connectors 1 mm2
Dimensions 31x72x27 mm
Dimensions with EM-KP72-31,25
DIN-rail base 34x80x47mm
EMC-tested for industrial environment
Weight 35 g
Operating temp (Ta) -20…60 °C

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  • 68,00 € /unit