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EM-M69 uses zero compensated Hall transducer current sensor, that works in a wide frequency range, from dc to 10 kHz. This feature gives true current value also in inverter and thyristor power controller applications. The device output signal is either momentary (direct) or converted to true RMS value. Output signal can be set to mA or V. The device is scaled 0-100% => 0-50A, the scale can be fine tuned with zero and gain adjustments. The scale can also be set by adding wiring through loop, for example two wires double the output 0-100% => 0-25A and so on. The supply of the device is galvanically isolated. The input is protected against faulty connections and voltage peaks.



Technical data

Operating voltage 21...32VDC
Current comsumption max. 100mA
Measuring range 50A rms (150A peak)
Output signal (mom.) 4...20mA (0...50A)
  ± 5V (± 50A)
  ± 10V (± 50A)
Output signal (rms) 4...20 mA (50A rms)
  0...5V (50A rms)
  0...10V (50A rms)
Load capacity < 600 ohm (mA out)
  > 1kohm (V out)
Crest factor 2 (50A), 10(10A)
Linearity error < 0,3% (sine wave)
Thermal drift < 200 ppm/°C
Settling time 0,05ms (mom.)
  0,3s (rms)
Measuring frequency DC...10kHz
Isolation voltage 500V
Loop resistance 0...600ohm (24V)
Operating temp. 0-50°C

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