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EM-M25 TRMS 0...400 Vac TO 4...20mA

75,00 € /unit

EM-M25 is designed for measuring AC voltage. The device was designed for measuring mains voltage and as a converter to current signal. The AC voltage is measured as TrueRMS, in other words the device gives RMS output also from other than sin-based signals. The measured voltage is converted into 4...20mA signal. The devices primary and secondary is galvanically isolated. The device takes its supply power from current loop and requires no other power supply. The device can also be used as 1...5V signal transducer according to the schematic down low. EM-M25 is also efficiently protected from faulty connections and voltage peaks.



Technical data

Supply 12...32 Vdc
Measuring range  0...145Vac
  ( 1& 2 wired )
Output signal 4...20mA / 1...5V
Linearity error <  2% (sin)
Thermal drift < 200ppm/°C
Settling time 0.3s
Frequency range 45...1000Hz
Adjust range -30...+20%
Isolation 1500Vac
Loop resistance 0-700 ohm ( 24V )
Oper. ambient temp. 0...60°C

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  • 75,00 € /unit