EM-A41 Supply Reduce and Emergency Relay

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EM-A41 is front end card for DC motor drivers. It can be
used when needed low idle current, main switch or emerg.
circuit The one most important feature of this card is the
suitability for capacitive loads i.e many electronic devices
The capacitive load is normally poison for relay contacts,
because it generates high inrush current which eats relay
contacts. In this device the pilot circuit charging the
capacitances before relay switch on and this way reduces
inrush current markable. Also this device reduces current
surge when system power switch on. The Emergency
shutdown has made with hardware circuit and it has
highest priority. The device has also monitor circuit for
own relay to detect possible relay stuck. Device activates
with wake up lines BW or FW and it returns to sleep mode
in 30seconds if this lines are not active.


Supply voltage 10-35V
Motor current cont. max 30A ( Ta<50°C )
Motor current peak max 40A ( 10s. )
Voltage drop 0.2V at 30A
Idle current 0.7mA ( in sleep mode )
Switch on time 50ms
Switch off time 5ms
Sleep mode 30s after last command
Recom. emerg switch min. 1A ( N.C. )
Wake up 4-35V to bw or fw lines
Wake up line impedances 47kohm
fault out NPN max 50mA, max. 30V
Connectors supply 6mm²
Connectors control 1.5mm²
EMC EN-50081-2 & EN-50082-2 ( industrial )
Weight 55g
Operating temp ( Ta ) -40...60°C

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Product not available for online order.