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EM-30-HALL -transducer operates with ferrous materials. Transducer is sensitive to the direction of the magnetic flux. The transducer has marks for directing it to the rotating level of the gear wheel. The air gap between wheel and transducer can vary from 3 to 0mm. The nominal installation distance is 2mm. The minimum nominal module for the gear wheel is 2mm (DIN). If the transducer is used with gear smaller module than 2mm, the installation distance should be decreased. With substantially larger gear teeth the distance can be increased to 3mm.


Technical data

Supply voltage 12- 30 Vdc
Quiescent current max 25mA
Output current source Vcc/2200ohm
  sink 30mA
Pulse frequency 0…5kHz
Gear wheel module nom. Min. 2mm
Installation distance 2mm, nominal
Operating temp. Range -10 … 80 C
Degree of protection IP67
Body, nut material AISI 317

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  • 170,00 € /unit