Electromen holidays

Julkaistu 29.6.2023 13:47

Electromen Production and office are closed on July, weeks 29 and 30.

No deliveries will be done during this time.


Important Notice

Julkaistu 29.12.2022 08:26

Dear Customer`s,

previous years have been challenging for us who design and manufacture electronics.
Now we have come to the point where we have to do like others do and raise prices of our stock products.
Prices will be rise with 5% average, through the line. New prices are in use starting from 1st of February 2023. For new orders of course.

Wishing for better future and better year to come.
Electromen Oy

Moottoriohjaus perheeseen uusia malleja

Julkaistu 21.8.2014 13:47

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Tuoteluettelo päivitetty

Julkaistu 31.12.2013 13:56

Lisää tuotesivuiltamme EM-318


Lisää kauko-ohjaimia

Julkaistu 23.10.2013 10:24

EM-A18 on lyhyen kantaman vastaanotin kahdella ulostulolla. Lähete on KeyLog koodattu. Voidaan "parittaa" 16 lähettimeen.

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