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EM-A24-PCI Moottoriohjain moduuli

43,00 € /kpl

EM-A24 is a DC-motor driver module, It's based on EM-241 driver card. This module is PCB mountable and it needs a very small pcb area, because it will be installed vertically.This module has effective H-bridge power stage. The power stage has low EMC emission and it can meet EMC directives for industry and household environments without external components. This big benefit when integrated this module to the "motherboard".
Module has two pwm frequency option 2kHz offer more current, and 16kHz is noiseless. EM-A24-PCI has PCI-express card edge connector for easy install and re-install. The locking angle option is also available for demanding installation. When locking angle is installed, then the module can be fastened to the mother PCB with screw pilar (see drawing below) or with plastic spacer.
EM-A24-PCi printed boad verion later than v4, has added RS-485 bus ( Modbus )
BW and FW are control inputs starts and stop motor, and these mode can be set also with parameter 1 and 5.
Stop input stops with ramp, but not block new start. Stop input can be also work as analog current limit, this mode can be active with set parameter 6 and 7 to 0
Fault input stop immeadetly without ramp and keeps stop until disappear. Fault out works also as indication output, it can be set with param. 10
Speed-2 input select presetted speed or it can also work as analog speed input. This input can be set also with parameter 5.
Limit input stops motor, these can be for example end limit input. and these inputs have multiple input logic combinations, which can be set with parameter 3

TECHNICAL DATA ( prog ver. EM-A24-PCI v2.0)

EM-24C-PCISupply voltage cont. max. 10-35V
Overvoltage limit adjustable 15-40V
Start up voltage 9V, shutdown voltage 8V
Current output when ( Ta12A at 100% speed / 7A at 5-99% speed pwm=2kHz
8A at 100% speed / 4A at 5-99% speed pwm=16kHz
Peak ( 5s.) 30A at 2khz pwm and 25A at 16kHz pwm
Current limit adjustable 0.1-25A ( at start max 30A )
Overheat limit 100°C
Start and stop ramp adjustable 0-5s
PWM frequency 2kHz / 16kHz
Speed input scale ( speed-2 ) 0-5V = 0-100% pwm
Input control logic: high =4-30V, low=0-1V
Control input impedances typ. 100 kohm / 2.2kohm
Limit FW / BW input imped. typ 10kohm
Control input response time typ 5ms.
Fault out. NPN open coll. max 30V / 50mA
Fault in actives Uin < 1V ( NPN )
Connector PCI-express 98pin
CE-tested for industrial environment ( emc )
Operating temp ( Ta ) -40...60°C
Weight 15 g



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  • 43,00 € /kpl