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EM-282 is a full bridge DC-motor starter. It is designed to work with DC-motor (permanent magnet and brushed) in applications where a variety of special functions and settings are needed. Starter has an adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps enabling the smooth starts and stops. Adjustable current limit protects motor against overcurrent. Current limitation for braking is also available (regeneration). EM-282 has two selectable and settable speeds. This feature can be useful eg. in positioning applications. The FW and BW -inputs control the forward and backward run. STOP input is to stop the motor but there are also available individual limit inputs for FW and BW direction end stops that will cause a motor shut-down. SPEED-2 input activates the presettable speed-2, but it can also be set for use as an analog speed control input (0-5V signal). FAULT terminal operates same time as an input and output. Fault line is internally pulled high (100kohm to Vsupply), but will be pulled down in overheat or conditionally also in current trip situation. If FAULT-line is pulled down externally it will cause a stop and disable a new start. For example it is possible to link FAULT pins of several units together and achieve this way a syncronous stop.
Driving can be done with two selectable control modes, continuous and impulse. In continuous mode the motor runs as long as the command is on. In impulse mode a short command starts the motor, and only a new impulse will change the status. Inputs are divided in to two groups, command and limit -inputs. These groups can be individually set to work with NPN (connect to zero control) or PNP (positive voltage control) -logic. The parameters are set digitally with a hand held EM-236 interface unit. With this unit the same settings (adjustments) can also be easily copied to an other or to multible devices. Operation of the controller and some of its functional values can also be monitored with EM-236 interface unit.

EM-282CTECHNICAL DATA ( prog. EM-282C v1.8 / pcb -C ver.1 or later )
Supply voltage nom. 12-42Vdc (abs. limits 10-50V )
Shutdown voltage 10V
Overvoltage limit adjustable 15-50V
Idle current typ 20mA
Motor current max. continuous 100A (at 25°C amb. temp)
80A ( at 60° amb temp ) and peak 200A ( 5s )
Motor currents are about 20% lower if pwm frequency is 16kHz
Braking load current (pin 16) max cont 50A peak 100A
Current limit adjustable 1-200A
NOTICE! current limit is 20% boosted during start ramp.
Over temp. limit 100°C
Start and stop ramp adjustable 0-5s
PWM frequency 2kHz / 16kHz
Speed input scale ( speed-2 ) 0-4.5V = 0-100% pwm
I-lim input scale 0-5V = 0-200A
Input control logic: high =4-30V, low=0-1V
Control input impedances typ. 10kohm
Control input response time typ 5ms.
Fault out. NPN open coll. max 42V / 0.5A
Fault in. actives Uin < 1V ( NPN with 100k pull up)
Fan-output switch on 55°C, off 50°C
Fan-output NPN max 40V 100mA
12V Fan ( + ) max 100mA
Brake output NPN max. 50A
Motor and supply connectors 16mm²
Control connectors 1mm²
Dimensions 180x122x60mm
CE-tested for industrial environment ( EMC )
Operating ambient temp ( Ta ) -40...60°C
Weight 750g


Product not available for online order.