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EM-282C-JS1 is a full bridge DC-motor starter. It is designed for joystick controlled DC-motor applications. The driver has adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps, which enable the smooth starts and stops. Adjustable current limit protects the motor against overcurrent and it can also be used as an end-stop. This device has also two settable speeds, separate speed ranges for forward and reverse direction. Control input is specially designed for joystick control. The joystick range calibration is done automatically, when calibration function is activated. Calibration detects forward, reverse and midpoint positions. FAULT terminal has simultaneously both input and output functions, the pin is normally high, but is pulled down in overheat and conditionally also in current trip situation. If FAULT-line is pulled down externally it will cause a stop and prevent it from starting again. For example, it is possible to link fault pins of several units together and achieve a syncronous stop.
There are also special settings as start-kick which can be used in case the device is in danger of being jammed.
Limit input can be individually set for NPN or PNP logic. The parameter's settings can be done with various EM- interface units. Operation of the controller and some of its functional values can also be monitored with interface units.

EM-282-JS1Supply voltage nominal 12-42V, limits 10-55V
Start up voltage 11V, shutdown voltage 10V
Idle current typ 20mA
Motor current max. with 2 & 16 kHzpwm
100% pwm 100A , ( at Tamb Motor current with 2 kHz pwm,
20-99pwm% 75A and
Motor with 16kHz pwm
20-99pwm% 60A
Motor current peak 200A ( 5s. )
Current limit adjustable 1-200A
Notice! current limit is increased 25% at start
Braking load current (pin 16) max cont 50A peak 100A
Overheat limit 100°C
Start and stop ramp adjustable 0-5s
PWM frequency 2kHz or 16kHz ( selectable )
joystick input scale 0-5 or 0-10V ( if dip 1 is ON )
Input control logic: high =4-30V, low=0-1V
Control input impedances typ. 10kohm
Control input response time typ 5ms.
Fault out. NPN open coll. max 42V / 0.5A
Fault in. actives Uin < 1V ( NPN with 100k pull up)
Motor and supply connectors 16mm²
Control connectors 1mm²
Dimensions 180x122x60mm
CE-tested for industrial environment ( EMC )
Operating ambient temp ( Ta ) -40...60°C
Weight 750g


Product not available for online order.