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EM-295C DC Moottoriohjain 30A

51,00 € /kpl

EM-295C is a one direction DC motor speed controller. The controller uses PWM principle and works high efficiency. The PWM frequency mode can be set to high or low freq .
This device has designed for speed control use. The rpm is regulated against supply voltage changes and the RxI compensation improves rpm stability at low rpm. The current limit limits the torque of motor or shutdown the motor Device has also few auxliary I/O. The output can be used for fault indication or brake control. The inputs can be used as a end limits, stop, brake or freewheel control input.


Supply voltage nom. 12-48V max. 10-58Vdc
Overvoltage shut down max. 60V ( adjustable )
Motor cur. cont. max 25A (Ta<50°C & pwm 2kHz)
Motor cur.cont. max 20A (Ta<50°C & pwm 16kHz)
Motor cur. peak max 40A ( 10s. )
Voltage drop typ. 0.7V at full speed
PWM frequency 2kHz or 16kHz
Start ramp 0..2.5 s. adjustable
Stop ramp 0..2.5 s. adjustable
Control range 0-5V or 0-10V, adjustable
Output range 0-10V...0-55V
Output 1 NPN open col. with 2.2k pull up
Output 1 max. 3A ( diode for ind. load )
Ind. output pin 11 PNP open. coll 12v max 10mA
Control input 1, PNP, Rin 100kohm
Control input 2, PNP, Rin 10kohm
Control input levels "low" 0-1V, "high" 4-30V
Connectors supply and power 2.5mm
Connectors control 1mm
EMC EN-50081-2 & EN-50082-2 ( industrial )
Weight 80g
Operating temp ( Ta ) -40...70°C



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  • 51,00 € /kpl