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EM-337A-SPF POSITIONING DRIVER for 4 PARALLEL DC-motor 12/24Vdc 4x10A / peak 4x20A , Rs-485

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EM-337A-SPF is a parallel synchro controller for 4 DC-motors. The controller has four H-bridge power stages. The driver works with actuators that can offer pulse feedback signal. The control can be done with analog set signal and or alternatively with Rs-485 bus. This -SPF firmware version uses a analog SET signal, then driver works like servo driver and positioning actuators to the same value as the set value. The range of set value can be adjust with parameters.
The built-in synchronization control will keep all motors in the same speed and position. If synchronous error exceeds the set difference limit, all motors will be stopped. Device includes adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps, which produce the smooth starts, stops and direction changes. Load compensation also enables good operation with asymmetric loads. Adjustable current limits can be set to protect motor and mechanics against overcurrent (over sized forces).


Supply voltage 10-35Vdc ( nom. 12-24Vdc )
Undervoltge shutdown 8V
Overvoltage limit 38V
idle current < 20mA
Motor current: ( @ 2kHz / 16kHz)
4x10A / 4x5A at continuous use
4x15A / 4x7A at duty cycle 25%
4x20A/ 4x8A at duty cycle 10%
4x25A max. in start
Current limit, setting 1-25A
Overtemp limit 90°C
PWM frequency 2kHz or 16kHz
Input control logic levels:
"NPN" ON= 0-1V, OFF=4-30V or open
"PNP" ON=4-30V, OFF=0-1V or open
Control input impedances typ. 47 or 10kohm
Pulse input freq. max. 700Hz/ input ch
Pulse inputs pull- up/down 10 kohm.
Fault out. NPN open coll. max 30V/50mA
5V aux. output max 20mA
Position out 0-5V ( Rout 1kohm )
Position input 0-5V or 0-10V
Brake out NPN max. 4A
Rs-485 half-duplex 9.6 or19.2 kbps
Supply connectors 4mm2
Motor/control connectors 2.5/1,5mm2
Weight 190g
Recom. oper. temp ( Ta ) -40...60°C
Over temp. shut down. 120°C ( pow.stage )
CE Electromagnetic compatibility
EN-55022B and EN 61000-6-2/ -4-2...6
Dimension and housing options:
- Card 142x73x28mm
- Installed in DIN-rail base 145x127x50mm
- Fibox PC150/60, (180x130x60mm)
- Fibox PC175/100 (180x180x100mm) include 300VA supply



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