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EM-348 is a full bridge DC-motor starter. It is designed to work with DC-motor in applications where some special functions are needed. Starter has adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps, which make possible the smooth starts and stops. Adjustable current limit protects motor against overcurrent and it can also be used as an end-stop. Driver has two selectable pwm frequency 2 or 16kHz. Power stage has smoothed switching technique which is achieved very low RF emissions, so external filter will not needed.
Driver has also external brake output which can be used for control magnetic brake or braking resistor in regenerative braking.
This card has integrated Rs-485 bus, with this bus can be control and monitoring driver and also the parameter of driver can be set with bus. This interface has as a standard Modbus RTU protocol. This bus makes possible to connected several cards under one control unit. Card has also two multifuntion control inputs, which can be set for digital or analog mode, depends on used firmware. This card has available with several firmware version for different applications. There is two program version for basic drive and positioning control. This card with -SAF firmware have meant to use with devices where is available analog feedback signal.
The parameter setting and monitoring can be done with Modbus or EM-236 interface unit, EM-328 with EmenTool-Lite PC-program. The Program updates domen with EmenTool.

EM-348TECHNICAL DATA ( PCb v1, prog EM-348-saf v1.9 )

Supply voltage cont. max. 10-35V
Overvoltage limit adjustable 15-40V
Start up voltage 9V, shutdown voltage 8V
Continuous current output when ambient temp is 15A at 100% speed / 10A at 5-99% speed pwm=2kHz
10A at 100% speed / 5A at 5-99% speed pwm=16kHz
Peak ( 5s.) 30A at 2khz pwm and 25A at 16kHz pwm
Current limit adjustable 0.1-25A ( at start max 30A )
( 6A version currents are typically 2.5 times smaller )
Overheat limit 100°C
Start and stop ramp adjustable 0-5s
PWM frequency 2kHz / 16kHz
Analog input SET ( pin 12 ) 0-5V or 0-10V ( rin 47kohm )
Analog input FB ( pin 2 ) 0-5V or 0-10V ( rin 10kohm )
( limits for settings for SET and FB 0-5.5V or 0-11V )
Input control logic: high =4-30V, low=0-1V
Control input impedances typ. 47kohm
Control input response time typ 5ms.
Fault out. PNP open coll. 22V max. 50mA
Brake out NPN open coll max. 35V / 2A
Disable in active Uin > 4V ( PNP )
Bus Rs-485, two wire half duplex, 9.6-19.2kb/s
Motor and supply connectors 2.5mm
Control connectors 1mm
Dimensions 42x72x height 25mm ( 6A version 18mm)
Dimensions in DIN-rail base 45x80x45mm
CE-tested for industrial environment ( emc )
Operating temp ( Ta ) -40...60°C
Weight 75g ( 6A version 48g )



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