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EM-348C-48V DC-MOTOR CONTROLLER with MODBUS 24-48V, 10A and Rs-485 BUS

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EM-348C-48V is a full bridge DC-motor starter. It is designed to work with DC-motor in applications where some special functions are needed. Driver has 4-quadrant full-bridge power stage, and also brake control power output. The power stage can be selected for use with two different frequency, the one is efficient and the other is silent . The power stage uses smooth switching technology and has very low EMC emission. Parameter allows power stage to be set brake or freewheel mode when stand-by.
This device is designed to control with Rs-485 Bus. The control bus use Modbus RTU protocol and with the Bus there can be set, speed, direction, acceleration and deceleration ramps and current limit. Also the monitoring and parameter setting are possible with the Bus. There is a separate instruction for operating the bus.
Device has also some local control inputs FW and BW for start the forward and backward run. STOP is for the motor shut-down but there are also available individual limit inputs for FW and BW directions. FAULT terminal has at the same time input and output function, the pin is normally low, and in fault situation it will pull up for example if overheat of current trip occurs. If FAULT-line is pulled up externally it will cause a stop and prevent the new start, so it works like Disable input. For example: if system has several units and those
FAULT pins is connected together, then Fault of one card will disable other units also, Device has two selectable control modes, continuous and impulse. In continuous mode the motor runs as long as the control is active. In impulse mode a short command starts the motor, and only a new impulse will change the status. There is also few special settings start-kick and auto reverse. The card has selectable input logics. Inputs are divided in two groups, control and limit -inputs. Groups can be individually set for NPN or PNP logic.

EM-348TECHNICAL DATA ( EM-348C-48V prog. v2.0 )
Supply voltage cont. max. 20-55V
Overvoltage limit adjustable 15-65V ( hardware limitations )
Start up voltage 9V, shutdown voltage 8V
Continuous current output when ambient temp is 10A at 100% speed / 7A at 5-99% speed pwm=2kHz
7A at 100% speed / 4A at 5-99% speed pwm=16kHz
Peak ( 5s.) 30A at 2khz pwm and 25A at 16kHz pwm
Current limit adjustable 0.1-25A ( at start max 30A )
( 6A version currents are typically 2.5 times smaller )
Overheat limit 100°C
Start and stop ramp adjustable 0-5s
PWM frequency 2kHz / 16kHz
Input control logic: high =4-30V, low=0-1V
Control input impedances typ. 47kohm
Limit/pulse input ( pin 2 and 3 ) imped. typ 10kohm
Control input response time typ 5ms.
Fault out. PNP open coll. 22V / max. 20mA
Brake out NPN open coll max. 55V / 1.5A
min. brake res. 24V 15ohm / 48V 33ohm
Disable in active Uin > 4V ( PNP )
Bus Rs-485, two wire half duplex, 9600kb/s
Motor and supply connectors 2.5mm
Control connectors 1mm
Dimensions 42x72x height 25mm ( 6A version 18mm)
Dimensions in DIN-rail base 45x80x45mm
CE-tested for industrial environment ( emc )
Operating temp ( Ta ) -40...60°C
Weight 75g



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