EM-LP150 Virtalähde EM tuotteille 230VAC 150VA

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EM-LP150 Power supply is designed to supply multiple EM products. It has powerful toroidal transformer with an big filtering capability and mounting plate with space for multiple EM products.
The toroidal transformer offers very important high peak current capability for motor applications. This high peak current capability is required for start current and torque peaks of motors. The transformer has inbuild self-resettable temperature fuse. Device has also aluminium mounting plate where several EM-products can be fastened with 3mm snap-in spacers. The material of housing is durable polycarbonate and it’s suitable also for outdoor usage.


Supply voltage       230Vac, 50/60Hz
Fuse                      20.0x5.0mm, T1.6A (230Vac)
Temp. fuse TCO   110°C
Transformer          230V/22V 150VA,Max output 10A * Continuous 3.5A **
Filtering                 8800uF
Dimensions           130*180*103mm
Weight                   2.30kg
Housing                 Fibox PC150/100HG IP65 with 3xPG11 cable glands

* 10s cycle with 10% duty cycle
** power losses of electronic cards can decrease the continuous current rating
Product is EMC-tested and CE-marked.



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  • 99,00 € /kpl