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EM-LP40 Power Supply 24Vdc 1.5A cont. / 5A peak

59,00 € /kpl

EM-LP40 power supply is designed to supply multiple EM-products. This device based on standard transformer, which advantage is high peak current capability. This power supply type is very suitable for DC-motor application where needed lot of current when starting motor. The one advantage of linear power is very low EMC - emissions. The output voltage of power is not regulated, but it is filtered,
Device transformer has thermal self-recovery fuse Housing is ABS plastic with PG outlets IP65. but not recommended for outdoor, because not UV- protected.

- EM-175
- EM-180 / EM-180A
- EM-241 series
- EM-269A
- EM-291A
- EM-295
- EM-296
- EM-324 series
- EM-352
- EM-318
This cards can be fastened with four Nylon 
fastening pilar which included power unit
Notice! that some of cards which mentioned
above cannot give full output power with
this power unit, because it is limited by output
of power unit.


Operating voltage 230Vac +-10%
Power consumption max. 85VA
Idle Power typ. 2W
Fuse T1A ( 5x20mm )
Output voltage at function
of output current 31Vdc ( not load )
24Vdc, at 1.5A
22Vdc at 2A
20Vdc at 3A
18Vdc at 4A
15Vdc at 5A
Output current nom. cont. max. 1.5A
Output power typ. 40W, peak 75W
Operating ambient temp. -20..+50°C
Weight 1.35kg
Dimensions 80x250x72
Housing material ABS plastic
EMC EN-50081 / EN-50082



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  • 59,00 € /kpl