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EM-A43 Brake Resistor

55,00 € /kpl

EM-A43 is a braking load for absorbing electric power. When motor is slowed down it starts regenerate energy, this energy will increase voltage level. The voltage comparator switches on power resistors when voltage level exceeded. The power resistors will absorb the regenerating energy and this way limiting the rise of supply voltage. The red led on the circuit board will indicate that resistor is on. This unit operates large voltage area and resistors can be connected to two combinations Unit has also over temperature protection. Recommended setting is about 10-15% higher than idle voltage of power supply. For example power supply idle voltage is 26Vdc , then set the trigger voltage to 30V.


Operating voltage 12-60V
Idle current 5mA
Switch on limit 20-60V adjustable
Switch on current typically 10-20A
Brake load 1.4 / 5.6ohm.
Hystersis typ. 10%
Overtemp limit 160 °C
Weight 135g



  • 91 kpl varastossa


  • 55,00 € /kpl