EM-T50-2R2-80W Tehovastus

Product not available for online order.

EM-T50 is wirewound power resistor. Two resistance version is available,
The 2R2 is recommended for 12-24V and 4R7 for 24-48V application
The resistor can be uses as braking resistor in motor driver application.
This resistor has exellent peak power features and because of that it is
suitable for braking resistor purpose.

The delivery includes also cable lugs.


Resistance EM-T50-2R2-80W 2.2ohm
Resistance EM-T50-4R7-80W 4.7ohm
Nominal power duration 80W
Peak power 500W ( 5s )
Weight 165g


Product not available for online order.