EM-203A Battery watch-dog 12V

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EM-203A is 12V battery voltage ( gharge status ) monitor. Device can be connected directly to battery poles. The low voltage limit value and recovery hysteresis are adjustable. When low voltage are detected the device will give alarm. The alarm make delay will help to eliminate unnecessary alarms. The alarm will disappear without delay if voltage rises over limit value + hysteresis value.
The led indicator can be connected directly to pin 3 and 4. There is also possible to connect relay or indicator lamp to pins 1 and 3. The output transistor mode can be set blinking or continuous mode.
The device own idle current is low to minimize battery discharge.
The mechanical installation can be done with 3mm screw or holder, but it is also possible to mounting device to the DIN-rail base.

EM-203A BlockTechnical data
Operating voltage 8-28V
Idle current
-stand-by 0.9mA
-alarm active "blinking" 1.2mA
-alarm active "continuous" 1.9mA
Output current max. max. 50mA
Limit value set point 10-12V
Hystersis set range 0-2V
Alarm make delay adj. 0-5 min
Operating ambient temp. -40..60°C

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  • 22,00 € /unit