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EM-M26 is designed to control the standard signals in automation systems. Input range is selected with DIPswitches. Trip value and hysteresis are set with user accessible adjusts. Adjusts and scale are located on top of the unit. In addition the on- and off-delays are adjustable. The relay output can be set with DIP-switch to work either in “greater than” or in “smaller than” mode. Led indicates when the relay output is activated. Output is a potential free co-contact. For indication purposes module has a status voltage output. Status output is not affected by the delay settings. The supply voltage is isolated from output signal. Input of the unit is protected against over voltage. The supply input is protected against mis-connections.



Technical data

Supply 15...30 Vdc
Current consumption max. 60 mA
Input ranges 0 ... 10 V (1 Mohm )
  0 ... 5 V ( 1 Mohm )
  0 ... 1 V ( 1 Mohm)
  0 ... 20 mA ( 50 ohm)
Border adjust 0 ... 110 %
Hysteresis 0 ... 10 %
On/off delays 0 ... 10 s
Relay contact 1A 30 Vdc / 0.5A 120 Vac
Status output 0 V or 12 V ( 2.2 kohm)
Isolation voltage 500 V
Oper. ambient temp. 0...60 °C

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