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EM-106A controller is designed for brushless hall-feedback DC-motors. The device uses mosfet-type power stage with high efficiency. EM-106A can be connected to 60- or 120 degrees commuting motor. Standard driving includes speed adjustment, stopping, direction change and braking. The controller can be installed using screws or a standard rail mounting base.

There are two control modes: Within direct driving mode the motor voltage is set in proportion to the control voltage as with a normal DC-motor. Alternatively in frequency locked mode the controller uses the halltransducer signal to speed adjustment besides commuting. This mode gives very precise speed referenced to the control voltage. As an additional feature the controller has an adjustment for loop response so that it provides as stable control as possible within all applications. Control input can be scaled with a trim. The current limit is set with a trim, it restricts driving when motor current exceeds the given value. The controller is protected against reversed input voltage polarity and fuse protected against over current.


Technical data

Supply voltage  12...36 Vdc
Idle current  approx. 30 mA
Motor current  7 A cont.
  10A 50/50%
Current limit  0-10 A adjustable
Voltage loss /V  0,8 V (Im=7 A)
Control voltage  0...10 V
Control pot.  2...10k
Control input  10 V max (20 mA)
Hall-input  6,5 V
Digital control  “on” at Uin 3...30 V
  “off” at Uin 0...1 V or open
Dimensions  87*73*35 mm
Weight  approx. 90 g
Operating temp.  0...50°C

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  • 78,00 € /unit