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Not for New design, see EM-170, EM-174A, EM-241

EM-67 DC-motor controller is designed for 24V permanent magnet motors with brushes in the power range of 5-70W (0,2-3A). Due to advanced PWM-controlling the unit runs with high efficiency and low thermal loss. The braking energy is fed to a power resistor.

The output voltage of the unit is regulated so that changes in supply voltage won’t affect the motor speed. Additionally the unit has RI-compensation, that can be used to minimize motor speed changes in changing loading situations.

The required amount of RI-compensation depends on the motor used and is set with a trim. With this feature, a good motor speed versus control voltage ratio can be reached. Speed adjustment can be made with potentiometer or voltage signal. Alternatively the unit can also be used in two speed mode. In this case the speeds are set with trimmers on the card, and activation is done with switch or control voltage. The unit gives additional 10V for potentiometer and control switches.

Acceleration / braking ramp can be adjusted depending on the situation, this feature gives controlled and smooth direction change. Direction change can be controlled with either switch or control voltage. The psupply inputos protected against overcurrent and reversed polarity using a self recovery fuse. EM-67 is EMC-tested and meets heavy industry standards.



Technical data

Supply  20...34 Vdc
Idle current approx.  40mA
Control voltage  0...5V / 0...10V
Control current  3A rms / 5A mom
Control power  70W rms
Braking power  30W (1/10 duty cycle)
Voltage loss  1V @ Im=3A
Current limit  0.2...5A
Fuse  3A self recovery
Ramp  0.5...10s
Control potentiometer  1...10kohm
Digital control   
“on” @ Uin= 4...30V
“off” @ Uin= 0...1V or open
EMC-testing  EN 50081-2 & 50082-2
Dimensions  65x72x30mm
Weight approx.  70g

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