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EM-115-48 motor control unit is designed for big permanent magnet DC-motors. The power control is done with PWM method (Pulse Width Modulation). This facilitates high efficiency and small temperature losses. Thanks to a high switching frequency the unit operates quietly. A battery or a filtered DC-supply will do as a
power source.

The maximum output given by the unit depends on the installation. When operating at maximum power output sufficient air ventilation has to be taken care of. The unit operates in 4-quadrants so it drives and brakes in both directions. The braking is done with regenerative way feeding braking energy back to power supply. When a battery is not used as a power source the braking energy will be fed to the internal resistance of the motor. The motor rpm can be set either with potentiometer, trim or external voltage signal. The output acceleration ramp and current limit are set with trims, the current limit is indicated with a red LED. A load affecting the motor rpm can be eliminated with a compensation trim. The power stage is protected against voltage peaks, overload and temporary shortcuts. Even the incorrect polarity does not damage the unit as long as a fuse of recommended value is used.



Technical data

Supply voltage 20...60 Vdc
Idle current < 50mA
Recommended fuse 5-30A
Control potentiometer 1k...50k
Load capacity 25A RMS
  50A mom. (5s)
Motor voltage 0-58V
Control voltage range from 0-5V to 0-10V
Voltage loss /V < 0.5V when Im=30A
Current limit 4..50A
Operating frequency approx. 21kHz
Ramp time 0.3..10s
On / Off control > 4V “on”
  < 1V “off”
Input impedance pins 6,7 and 8 = 10kohm
  pin 9 = 100kohm
Efficiency >92%
Operating temp. -10..50 °C
Dimensions 107*107*45 mm
Weight approx. 270 g

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  • 135,00 € /unit