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EM-328-ISO Interface unit series "dongle" for EmenTool Lite

51,00 € /unit

The EM-328 interface unit series is designed to convert USB port signal to serial port of EM-devices. EM-328 series has been designed to be used with EmenTool Lite PC program, which can be downloaded free from Electromen website. ( -> download area -> software ). This device can be used to supply 5V voltage to the target device. There are three option available. The standard version is EM-328 and it is basic converter.

EM-328 series replaces earlier dongle device, which type is EM-268 EM-328-ISO is an isolated version, this has isolated signal and power supply path. This version is recommended to use in industrial environment with a lot of interference. EM-328A is so called low cost version, this one has same electrical features as the basic version, but has been made mechanically more economical.

Em-328 block

Operating voltage 5V from USB socket
Max. output current to 100mA
Compatible up to USB 3.0
Isolation 500V ( only in -ISO version )

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  • 51,00 € /unit