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Ending product, not for new designs, SEE EM-366

EM-151B is a DC-motor driver for brushless dc-motor with hall-sensors. The commutation angle can be 60 or 120 deg. It has two modes for speed control. In open loop mode driver works like normal dc-motor speed controller. In closed loop mode the hall pulses are used as speed feedback. Closed loop mode offers a high accuracy in speed control.

The speed control input signal can be scaled with zero and range trims. Card includes also an acceleration and deceleration ramp adjustment for smooth starts and stops. The ramp is used also in direction change, that way it can be done controlled and smoothly. Current limit is also adjustable with trimmer. Regenerative braking can be used when power is supplied from a battery. In this case the current limit adjustment works also in braking. In overcurrent the driver activates the fault output.



Technical data

Supply voltage  12-32Vdc ( 11-35Vcd )
Undervoltage cut out  11V
Overvoltage cut out  38V
Motor current cont. max. 20A ( Ta
Motor current peak max. 40A ( 5s. )
Temperature limit  100°C ( heatsink )
Current limit adjust  0-40A
Decelerating cur. limit adj. 
Speed set signal  0-5V...0-30V
Speed set in. Imp. 100kohm
Ramp time  0.1s-5s. ( adjustable )
PWM motor-frequency  18kHz
Digital control  "on" 4-30V, 
  "off" 0-1V or open
Control in. Imp.  10kohm
Fault out. NPN open coll. max 
  30V / 10mA
Motor and supply connectors 
Control connectors  1.5mm2
Dimensions  108x91x40mm
Weight  230g
Operating temp ( Ta )  -30...60°C

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