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EM-259A is a dimmer for 12-24V system. This device has PNP and NPN outputs, so it can be used either with positive common or negative common systems. The output can source max. 4A current. If this current is exceeded the self-recovery fuse will cut out the output. The load can be resistive or inductive, and there is a special control adjustment curve also for led lamps. The control input is isolated, which makes possible to use this device with external voltageor mA-signal. Also this device can be controlled with potentiometer. The isolated input makes it easy to connect many of these devices to work in parallel. The settings are made with dip-switches, which are located behind the side cap. The housing is rail mountable. Heat sink is on the side of the box. If load is over 3A, there should be at least 5mm free air on this side of the box to enable the cooling. Device meets the EMC requirements (CE) for household and industry use.


Technical data

Supply voltage 18...35Vdc ( cont. )
Current consumption 30mA ( quiescent )
Output range 0-100%
Output modes PNP pull up / NPN pull down
Output current max. 4A
PWM freq 250Hz
Voltage drop max 0.5V
Control 0-5V, 0-10V, or 0-24V
  0...20mA or 4...20mA
  or a 1k to 10k potentiometer.
max. adjustment max. output 100%-50%
bias adjustment start level 0-50%
Input impedance 100 kohm ( for voltage signal )
  100 ohm ( for current signal )
isolation 500Vdc
operation temp. 0...60°C
Dimensions 79x27x86mm
Housing rail mountable module
Weight 140g

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