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EM-167 is a compact positioning driver. The unit is equipped with its own set value potentiometer. EM- 167 also has an inbuilt servo-amp. and power stage which is capable of driving a DC motor directly. It is suitable for driving a DC spindle motors equipped with feedback potentiometer. EM-167 is best suited for slow and medium speed systems with a transitional period of 2...30s (from end to end). The current limit is adjustable and can be used to limit the torque of the motor. Current trip feature will shut down the driver in fault situation, if either current is on the limit for over 2s, or if it takes more than 30s to reach the set value. In fault situation the error output will be activated. Reactivation from the trip situation is done by applying a reverse control command.

Positioning is done by giving a set value using the EM-167 internal potentiometer. The driver compares the feedback value to the set value and starts to drive the motor towards the set value. When these values begin to approach each other the driver will slow down, and when the values are identical the motor stops. The operating range can be adjusted / limited from both ends with min. and max. adjustments. EM-167 is small-sized and easy to install. Due to its wide temperature range, the unit is suitable also for vehicle use. The power stage is equipped with self recovery overload and over current protection, but the use of an external fuse is recommended.


Technical data

Operating voltage 12-32Vdc
Idle current < 40mA
Protections overheat (self recovery)
  short circuit approx. 30A
Load capacity 4A continuous
  8A 10s "on" 20s "off"
  15A 3s "on" 30s "off"
Current limit 0-15A adjustable
Range adj. 0-30% low. & 70-100% up.
Accuracy typ. ±1% of range
Feedback input potentiometer 1...100kohm
  or voltage signal 0-5V
Ref. voltage pin-2 5V max. 15mA
Error out NPN -open coll.
  30V / 50mA
Efficiency > 92%
Operating temp. -20...60°C
Dimensions 39x39x50mm
Weight approx. 85g

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  • 71,00 € /unit