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EM-143s is a motor controller for permanent magnet DC-motors. The unit is primarily designed for positioning usage, where position information is derived from potentiometer or as voltage, for example spindlemotors equipped with potentiometers.

The unit is so called four quadrant controller, in other words it drives and brakes in both directions. The braking is regenerative by nature as it feeds braking energy back to power source. If the power source is not a battery the unit will feed braking energy to motors internal resistance. EM-143s has a window comparator, which measures the diffirence between feedback and reference value and uses this to control the motor. The unit has an adjustable positioning window, that specifies the level of diffirence to occur for correction to take place, in other words the precision of positioning. Range and zero -trims can be used to match the reference value with feedback value. Using the start level adjustment the minimum motor voltage can be suited for the application. Too low start level will result in motor warming and increased current consumption as a consiquence of the motor not being able to perform small corrections due to lack of power. Too high start level will cause too rapid corrections or oscillation.

Motor current can be limited using motor current adjustment. It is possible to switch current limit into so called trip mode in which current limitation will switch off drive. If the current limit has been exceeded for one second, the unit won’t be active until driven into opposite direction.

The power stage is protected against voltage peaks, overload and momentary shortcut. Reversed polarity connection should be avoided even though the unit is equipped with self recovery fuse.



Technical data

Supply voltage 12-32Vdc
Idle current < 30mA
Fuse 4A self recovery
Load capacity 4A continuous
  8A mom. ( 8s/30s )
  14A mom. ( 2s/30s )
Current limit 1-14A
Operating freq. approx. 22kHz
Control voltage 0-5...0-10V
Control pot. 1kohm...10kohm
stop control 4-30V “stop”
  < 1V or open “drive”
Trip-indication output  NPN -open coll.
  30V / 100mA
Input imp. pins 6 and 9 = 50kohm
  pin 8 = 35kohm
Efficiency >92%
Operating temp -10...50°C
Dimensions ( 72 x 65 x 25 ) mm
Weight approx. 80g

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