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EM-101 is designed for modern automation systems. Controls can be performed easily with relay- or open collectoroutputs. Analog controls work with positive voltage. Usable motor can be permanent magnet motor with brushes in power range of 5 ... 70 W. Due to the advanced pulse control (PWM) the unit operates with high efficiency, low temperature losses and provides a high starting torque.

Loading of the motor can be compensated with inbuilt RI-adjustment. The current, or in other words, the torque of the motor can be controlled with DIP-switch. The operation of the current limit is indicated with a red led. There are a variety of braking options available in this device. For most effective braking “reverse braking”-mode can be used. In this mode reversed driving is used for braking, which effects extremely fast function. Additionally the card utilises short circuit braking which short circuits the motor circuit during the braking. EM-101 also has inbuild settable time acceleration- and braking ramps.



Technical Data

Supply voltage 20-34Vdc
Over voltage protection 36V
Idle current app. 50mA
Control current 3A, mom. 4A
Control power 70W
Current limit 0,2...4.2A
Voltage loss 1V when Im=3A
Fuse  3A, self recovery
Ramp  0,5s...5s
Control voltage 0-5V, 0-10V
Control pot.meter 2...10kohm
Digital control  
“on” Uin 4-30V
“off” Uin=0-1V or NC
Dimensions  89x73x26
Weight app. 70g

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  • 74,00 € /unit