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EM-217B is a frequency inverter for speed control of small 1ph induction motors. This device creates two output voltages with 90 deg. phase difference to each other, so theres no need for auxiliary capasitor like often with 1ph motors. The frequency output range is from 15Hz up to 80Hz. The output stage works with PAM princible and that way the EMC emissions are very low. The control can be done with voltage or mA signal or with potentiometer. The rotation direction can be changed with digital command. All cotntrol inputs are galvanically isolated from mains supply. Device has also a start and stop ramp for smooth operation. If needed, the stop ramp can be disabled for quicker stop. The EM-217B has self recovery mains fuse that offers a good immunity against the mains voltage spikes.



Technical data

Supply voltage 200-240Vac 50/60Hz
Current consumption max. 200mA
Motor recom. up to < 15W
Isolation 1500Vrms
Aux. voltage output 5V max. 5mA
Control signals 0-5V, 0-10V tai 4-20mA
Potentimeter recom. 1-47kohm
Input impedance 100kohm / 150ohm
Dir. input level 4-30V =0N /
Dir input impedance 100k
Start ramp 1s ( 0 to 100% )
Stop ramp 1s. or 0s.
Direction change delay 0.2s
Connectors 1.5mm
Operation temp. 0-60°C 
Power loss max. 5W
weight 80g ( 100g with box )
Dimensions card 67x86x30
Dim. with box 72x90x60
EMC tested for household / light industr

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  • 80,00 € /unit