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EM-140A DC-motor controller is designed for DC-motor on-off driving with direction change. The unit has an advanced current limit feature, that limits motor current in startup and jam-situation and in that way protects the motor and mechanics.

As the controller starts up in chosen direction, the startup speed can be limited with a so called ramp, thus full voltage isn't instantly lead to the motor but slowly risen through the ramp. The ramp time is set with a trim. When direction is changed the unit relay doesn't instantly change state but first drives control to zero and then waits for a while before driving in new direction. This feature protects the relay and the motor. The current limit works in two ways: the actual current limit is allways enabled and limits controlling if the current exceeds the preset value. Additionally a trip-feature is included, this will shut down control when the current limit is exceeded. After this the unit will startup only with reverse control, with double current limit for 0,3 s.


Technical data

Supply 11...35 Vdc
Idle current approx. 30mA
Control current 8A rms
  10A 50/50%
Current limit 1...10A
  2...20A @ startup
Indication output NPN open collector
  50mA max
Current trip delay approx. 2ms
Startup delay 10ms
Braking delay 5ms
Dir. Change delay approx. 200ms
Voltage loss 0,5V @ Im=8A
Operating frequency 500Hz
Ramp 0, 10, 20, 40, 80, 150ms
  0,25; 0,5; 1s
Digital control  
“off” @ Uin=4...30V or open
“on” @ Uin=0...1V  
Dimensions 43x73x35mm
Weight approx. 70g

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  • 49,00 € /unit