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EM-82-50B is acceleration sensor based on MEMS technology. The advantages of MEMS technology are good long term stability, shock resistance, stability and linear frequency response. Additionally thermal and time stability features are superior. The body of sensor is a aluminium, the sensor is molded to body with chemical aluminium. The housing class is IP67.


Technical data


Operating voltage 7...30Vdc
Current consump. 7mA
Operating temp. -20...105°C continuos
Sensitivity 40mV/g 
  ( m/s² = 4.07mV )
Noise 2mV rms
  ( = 0.50m/s²)
Output offset 2.5V 
Output swing ±1.4V ( 1.1 - 3.9V )
Detecting range ±35mg...50g 
Frequency response 5Hz-500Hz +-3dB
  10Hz-400Hz ±5%
Accuracy  +-3% ( 159Hz )
Thermal drift  < 0.05% / °C
Cabel lenght 3m
Dimensions 25x25x35mm
Housing IP67
Weight appr .60g


Product files

Product not available for online order.