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EM-347 is brushless DC-motor driver with hall sensor feedback. The unit has a mosfet power stage with good efficiency and it also meets todays EMC requirements. The driver can be used with 120° commutation. This driver has true 4Q power stage, and it makes possible to use regenerative braking. In this braking method the supply voltage rises at braking. The voltage rising can be controlled with braking resistor. If uses battery supply then the braking energy can be leaded back to the battery and braking resistor will not be required. The unit has the basic digital command inputs like direction, brake, start/stop, disable and there is analog inputs for speed and current control. One digitally presetable second speed (speed-2) is possible to activate with digital command input. EM-347 has two NPN outputs for fault and overcurrent indication use. Some input and output functions can be modified with parameters. Driver includes overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature protections. These fault situations are indicated with fault on-board LED. Overtemperature and current limit situations can be reset with reset input, reset-timer or by setting analog speed control to value to 0.
There are two control options for speed. Direct control ( open loop ) sets motor voltage in propotion to control voltage as with a standard DC-motor. Closed loop uses hall sensor feedback for speed control, this mode offers good speed regulation. Start and stop ramps work in both mode. Speed adjust range, closed loop rpm range and rampse can be set with parameter. Analog input are filtered so that there can used also PWM signal for control speed and current.
Setting can be done digitally with EM-236 interface unit or with Emen-Tool lite program installed in PC and EM-268 or EM-328 adapter cable. Parameters stored into nonvolatile memory of device. This interface unit can also be monitored the current and rpm of motor. Device has also output for cooling fan, it can be controlled optional fan if needed. This output switch on fan, when temperature rises over 65 deg.

Device can be installed in DIN-rail base and some enclosure options are also available.


Supply voltage 12-36V ( 11-42Vdc )
Overvoltage limit 15-65V ( adjustable )
Idle current typ. 30mA
Max current 40A cont ( Tamb. 50 °C )
Max current 50A cont. with fan cooling
Max current peak 100A ( max 2s )
Max brake output current 25A
Brake resistor recom.value 1-10ohm
Pwm frequency typ. 16kHz ( 2kHz option )
Overtemperature shut down 90°C
Fan output switch on > 65°C
Current limit setting 1-100A ( step 1 A )
Current limit analog scale 0-5V = 0-100A
Logic level of digital inputs
"off" = 0-1V or open / "on"= 4-30V
Input impedance of logic inputs 10k
Response time of digital input 2ms
Analog input range 0-5V up to 0-10V
Input impedance of analog inputs 100k
Input filter of analog input 100Hz
Overcur. and fault outputs NPN max 50mA
Output for fan cooling 12V max. 100mA
EMC measured for industrial envinronment
PCB material flammability class UL94V-0
Dimensions 140x122x50mm
Weight 650g

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