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EM-231B is a control unit for doors and hatches with 24V max. 3A DC-motors. The device has a built-in 230Vac power source. The motor and its control circuits operate safely with 24Vdc voltage that has been galvanically isolated from mains voltage. The controller has an extremely good momentary current uptake capability which enables the motor to provide excellent torque. The controller supports a system or a motor that offers the double pulse line feedback. This allows the system to function precisely and smoothly. To handle problems in movement or obstacles on the way of the door, the device has a current limit and it also supports an option to connect a "safety edge", which is installed on the leading edge of a sliding door or some hatch. When the driver detects an obstacle as rising motor current, it automatically performs a safety reverse so that something or someone will not be trapped by the door. The device has also so-called lock motor output option but the standard program doesn’t support this feature. Theres two basic control modes to choose from, the 2-button or the 1-button mode. In addition to these modes an automatically closing mode is used every time the door is opened through proximity switch input.
EM-231B-RC version has RF-receiver inbuilt door control unit to receive commands from a keyfob transmitter. There is available 2 or 4 button keyfob transmitter, with 2 button keyfob can be controlled max. 2 control unit and 4-button max. 4 control unit. The remote control system use´s a KeeLoq rolling code protection code that is excellent at preventing outside interferences or code mixups.


Operating voltage    230Vac +-10%
Power consumption    max. 120VA
Idle Power    idle 3W
Fuse    T1A ( 5x20mm )
Output voltage    typ. 24Vdc, max. 34Vdc
Output power    typ. 60W, peak 120W
Output current limit ( door )    0.1-6.0A settable
Output current ( lock )    cont .1A peak 3A
Motor speed range    0-100% settable
Pulse freq. max. (FB)    max 700Hz
Control input logic levels    0-1V or open = "off" / 4-30V = "on"
Control input impedance    100kohm
Emerg. input logic levels    0-1V = "on" / 4-30V or open = "off"
Emerg input impedance    30kohm or external pull up res. ( RX1 )
Alarm output ( relay out )    Normally closed 1A 30V
Operating ambient temp.    -20..+50°C
Weight    950g
Dimensions    130x130x60mm
EMC    EN-50081 / EN-50082
Remote control freq.    433Mhz
RC receiver type    EM-A14R-FM-4 ( inc. in -RC version )
RC transmitter 2-button keyfob    EM-A14T-FM
RC transmitter 4-button keyfob    EM-A14T-FM-4
Remote control coding    Rolling code Keeloq
Remote control output pow.    

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Product not available for online order.