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EM-28 is designed for modern automation systems. Controls can be performed easily with relay- or open collector -outputs. Analog controls work with positive voltage. Usable motor can be permanent magnet motor with brushes in power range of 5 ...60 W. Due to the advanced pulse control (PWM) the unit operates with high efficiency, low temperature losses and provides a high starting torque.

Loading of the motor can be compensated with inbuilt RI-adjustment. The current, or in other words, the torque of the motor can be controlled with I-trim or with external control. The operation of the current limit is indicated with red led. The 2 preselectable rotating speeds can be adjusted with 2 control level trims P3 and P4. Alternatively P4 is the max. level adjustment when the analog control is used. In braking the unit leads the energy to the internal resistor of the motor. Braking can be disabled.



Technical data

Supply voltage 12...32 Vdc
Max. load 3A (RMS)
  mom 6A (5s)
Operating frequency approx. 30 kHz
Control pot.meter 1 ... 10 kohm
Recommended fuse max. 5A, slow
Voltage loss /V 0.5+0.7*Im 
Input impedances > 10 kohm. Pins 6-10
Analog controls  
Pin 8 speed 0 ... 5 V => 0 ... 25 V
Pin 6 current 0 ... 5 V => 0 ... 6 A
Digital controls  
Pin 7,9,10  “on” < 2 V / closed
  “off” > 4 V / open
Operating temp. 0...50 °C
Dimensions 87*72*32 mm
Weight about 200 g

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  • 86,00 € /unit