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EM-83 vibration scanner unit can be used for measuring total vibration level or it can be used for detecting discrete frequency components like with analysator. The total vibration level measurement is done using a true rms detection (”rms value”). The frequency component search is enabled with digitally controlled narrow bandwidth band-pass filter. The dominant frequency components can be searched with the auto-stop feature which stops the scanning when the scanned level exceeds the trig value. The bar display helps the search by showing the currently measured (scanned) vibration level in ratio to the total level. Over-range indication warns of exceeding the measurement range of the sensor or the unit.
EM-83 is equipped with good low frequency features which are partially due to mem-type silicon based sensors. The unit uses sensor types EM-82-05 and EM-82-50. Measuring ranges are ± 5g and ± 50g.
These sensors provide a good stability in relation to time and temperature. Sensors have also a
good shock resistance.
EM-83 is fairly easy to use, all readings are displayed simultaneously on the clear easy-to-read display. The unit recognizes the sensor used and autoscales the display accordingly. With a single 9V battery the unit can be used up to 10 hours. Automatic power-off cuts the power after 15 minutes of idle time.
The device is housed to a durable aluminium chassis and the display is shielded with a double layers of glass.


Technical data

supply 9V battery
operating time typ. 10 hours
sensor supply approx. 9V
auto power off after 15 min
sensor types EM-82-05 (± 5g)
  EM-82-50 (± 50g)
measuring qualities (m/s²), (mm/s)
measuring ranges  
5g sensor 0.01...35m/s² (RMS)
50g sensor 0.1...350m/s² (RMS)
5g sensor 0.01...40mm/s (RMS)
50g sensor 0.1...350mm/s (RMS)
total level range range 1. 2...200Hz
  range 2. 2...2000Hz
signal in scaling scaled for sensors EM-82-xx
aux in scaling 100mV rms gives 10m/s² reading
precision EM-83 typ. ± 2% (159Hz)
frequency range see figure 1 & 2 (PDF)
frequency step 2-5Hz step 0.02Hz
  5-10Hz step 0.05Hz
  10-20Hz step 0.1Hz
  20-50Hz, step 0.2Hz
  50-100Hz, step 0.5Hz
  100-200Hz, step 1Hz
  200-500Hz, step 2Hz
  500-1000Hz, step 5Hz
  1000-2000Hz, step 10Hz
weight 450grams
dimensions 170x110x35mm
operating temp. 0...50°C

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