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EM-M66 ramp generator output can be controlled (enlarged/reduced) with two control inputs, for example with switches or on-off voltage signals. The control, output and current supply parts are galvanically isolated. The ramp speed, in other words the change time 0-100% is settable with dip-switches. The control input has ±1 -step feature, that increases or decreases the output value as soon as the control is activated. This is followed by a 0,1s or 0,3s delay before continuous stepping starts. This feature makes it possible to drive "step by step" even if the ramp is fast.

The ramp-generator startup situation (when switching the unit on) value can also be set with dip-switches. Possible values for this are 0%, 50%, 100% or LAST which continues from the value the unit had when it was switched off. Output signal can be set to voltage or current signal using dip-switches. The fine adjustments zero and gain have the same relative effect on output in all ranges and they don't affect each other. The devices output stage is protected against short circuit and the supply input against reversed polarity.


Technical data

Supply voltage 20...32 Vdc
Current consumption max. 80mA
Output stages 0-100%
  -10...+10V RL>1 kohm
   0...+10V RL>1kohm
  -5...+5V RL>1 kohm
  -1...1V RL>1 kohm
   0...+1V RL>1 kohm
  -20...+20mA RL< 500 kohm
   0...20mA RL< 500 kohm
   4...20mA RL< 500 kohm
Ramp speed 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 15, 20 or 25s
Startup delay 0,1 or 0,3s
Control signal 4-30 Vdc
Input impedance 1,5 kohm
Resolution 254 steps
Adjustments Zero ±20% / Gain ±20%
Precision 0,5%
Thermal drift < 200ppm
Isolation voltage 1000V
Oper. ambient temp. 0...50°C
Weight approx. 90 g

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