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EM-M17b converts applied frequency to 0...10 V or to 4...20 mA signal. Frequency range is selectable with DIP-switches. Converter can be used with most of the commonly available transducer types. Frequency can be applied also as a pulsed voltage signal. The frequency input can be isolated optically if transducer supply and SW1/1 is left open. Converted signal is filtered using a 2nd order filter so that the ripple of the incoming frequency is efficiently attenuated. The output of EM-M17b is both short circuit and overload protected. Operating voltage range is wide and the supply is protected against incorrect polarity.



Technical data

Operating voltage 20...32 Vdc
Current consumption 50 mA max.
Linearity error 0.1 % typical
Thermal drift < 100 ppm/°C
Transducer supply 15 Vdc
  8.5 Vdc (namur)
Input settings open collector NPN
  open collector PNP
  pulse (isolated)
Input range 4...25 V
Input impedance appr. 2 kohm
Frequency ranges 0...200, 500, 1000 Hz

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  • 104,00 € /unit