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EM-175 motor driver is designed for DC-motor speed control. The unit regulates motor voltage so non regulated supply voltage is well suited. A load affecting the motor rpm can be compensated with an adjustble load compensation ( RxI ). Potentiometer or direct voltage signal can be used to give the speed control value. The current limit can be set with a trim or direct voltage signal to protect the motor and mechanics in jam situations.

Startup speed can be limited with so called ramp, which slowly rises the motor voltage in a desired way. Ramp time is set with a trim. The unit also features a brake input which can be used to rapidly brake motor (dynamic braking). There are two diffirent dynamic braking options available: in the first one even very short braking resets the set value and ramp time, that is after braking motor starts from zero rpm. The second braking method reduces ramp value during braking according to ramp time, in other words motor starts from ramp value after braking. When the unit is battery-operated, regenerative braking can be used. This method feeds the braking energy back to battery. Regenerative braking automatically activates when motor voltage exceeds set value, for example in a situation where set value is rapidly being reduced.

The freewheel command sets motor free from control. Freewheel overrides all other controls. EM-175 can be optimised for 12 or 24 V supply use.



Technical data


Supply 12-32Vdc
Overvoltage protection 40V
Idle current approx. 20mA
Motor current 10A continuous ( Ta
  15A peak
Motor voltage 0-15V ( 12V setting )
  0-29V ( 24V setting )
Current limit adj. 0...15A
Cur. lim. volt. contol 0...5V ( 0...15A )
Ramp time adj. 0...3s
Voltage loss 1V ( Im=10A )
Operating frequency 25kHz
Aux. voltage 5V 10mA
Control pot. 1-50kohm
Control volt. range adj. 0-5V...0...10V
Digital inputs on @ Uin 4 -30V
(brake and freewheel) off @ Uin 0-1V or open
  impedance 10kohm
Operating temp -20...+70
Dimensions 43x73x30mm
Weight approx. 80g

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