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EM-176A is designed for DC-motor speed control. The unit can be used with unregulated DC supply. Motor loading can be compensated with inbuilt RxI-type adjustment. EM-176A utilizes PWM driven H-bridge, thus achieves high efficiency and extensive controlling options. Speed control value can be set with voltage signal or with potentiometer, there is an auxiliary voltage signal output for potentiometer use.

The scale trimmer can be used to scale set value to correspond better the motor rpm. An auxiliary card can be fitted into EM-176A for bipolar input controlling with voltage signal or potentiometer. The ramp feature is used to limit the motor start and brake speed, in other words soften the operation and prevent the occurrence of current spikes. The current limit limits motor torque that is current; this protects the motor and the mechanics. The unit has separate inputs for brake, freewheel and reverse. Brake short-circuits the motor poles and produces powerful braking. Freewheel detaches the power stage from the motor and leaves motor rotating freely. Reverse changes motor rotating direction, this is done using the set ramp times. Brake and freewheel bypass the ramp feature.



Technical data

Supply 12-35Vdc
Over voltage protection 39V
Idle current appox. 30mA
Motor current 10A cont. ( Ta
  15A peak ( 20% on/ 80% off )
Motor voltage 0-29V ( 0-100%)
Current limit adj. 0...15A
Current lim. volt. ctrl 0...5V ( 0...15A )
Ramp time adj. 0...3s
Voltage loss 1.2V ( Im=10A )
Operating freq. 25kHz
Aux. voltages +5V 10mA ( option -5V )
Set value range 0...5 or 0...10V
   ( ±5V or ±10V option )
Set value input imp. 100kohm ( pin 7 and 9 )
Control voltage on when Uin 4 -30V
  off when Uin 0-1V or open
Control input imp. 10kohm ( pin 5, 6 and 8 )
Recom. control pot. 4.7 … 47k
Operating temp ( Ta ) -20...+70
Measures 65x73x30mm
Weight approx. 100g

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