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EM-339-PLI is designed for driving two actuators in parallel. The drive is done as synchronized according actuators pulse feedback signal. The synchronization is achieved by adjusting actuator speed during drive. If the adjustment can not compensate the unbalance between actuators, the motors will be stopped. This way the mechanical stress and breakage can be avoided. Additively the driver includes current limit and power stage temperature limit.
Driver works with actuators that can offer pulse feedback signal. Pulses can be derived from Hall-sensors, reed or other kind of switches which generate 0 and 90° pulse chains. Driver can be set to read negative or positive pulses. Driver power stage operates with PWM (pulse width modulation), that enables the high efficiency and low losses of power stage.
The basic control is done with FORWARD- and BACKWARD-commands. These command can be done in continuous or in impulse control mode. In continuous mode the drive is done as long the command is on. In impulse mode the command impulses start and stop the driving. INPUT-1 and INPUT-2 are multifunction inputs and can be set to work several different function, as STOP, DISABLE, SPEED-2, EMERG. STOP and END LIMITS. Driver has also support for SAFETY-SWITCH with line monitoring, and also with parameter can be set SAFETY REVERSE reversing time. RES/HOME- input can be used for fault resetting or with long command starts HOME routine for resetting and balancing pulse counter. FAULT and BRAKE outputs can be also set to different function with parameters.

The parameters are set with a handy interface unit EM-236. There is also possibility to use EmenTool Lite PC-sofware with EM-268 and EmenTool App with smartphones for parameter setting.



TECHNICAL DATA ( pcb v1, prog v1.6)
Supply voltage 12- 35Vdc
Quiescent current 15mA
Motor output currents
2 x 10A cont. or 2 x 20A ( at 25% duty and 2kHz)
2 x 6A cont. or 2 x 15A ( at 25% duty and 16kHz)
PWM frequency 2kHz/ 16kHz
Current limit 1-25A
Temp. limit 120°C ( pow.stage )
Ramp times 0 - 2s
Pulse input freq. max. 700Hz/ input ch
Pulse inputs pull- up/down 10kohm.
Control inputs 0-1V = OFF / 4-30V = ON
Input impedances 47kohm.
Analog control input 0-5V, 0-10V or 4...20mA
Input impedance 10kohm (or 250ohm at 4...20mA)
Fault-output, pull down max. 100mA
Brake-output, pull down max. 2A
Aux. voltage output 5V, max. 20mA
Measures 78 x 73 x 25mm
Operating temp. range -20 to 60°C
Weight of card 110g
CE Electromagnetic compatibility
EN-55022B and EN 61000-6-2/ -4-2...6

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